February 10, 2010

| til my head stops hurting |

/I could have let you know I'd gone You might have thought you'd done something wrong I can't tell you why I've been setting fire to the wires that entangle the world Sorry that I missed your calls But all I wanna do is throw the phone at the wall How many times can you hear that sound? Don't leave a message, I'm not around You know me I'm with you when I'm with you Dancing to your rhythm Understanding why I can't tell you why I know I didn't stick to the plan I should say I'm sorry but you know that I can't I can tell you now there's a whole lot of sound going round in my head like a siren I'm going to the river tonight Running to the ocean for the turn of the tide Turn the tide I wanna be a missing person Wanna be a better version But I don't wanna put the work in I wanna be the missing person Go missing til my head stops hurting Even though I know I deserve it /

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